Monday, December 26, 2011

Pokhara - one of the must visit places during your holidays - पोखरा किन घुम्नै पर्ने ठाऊ हो?

Paragliding from Sarangkot to Sedi - one of the most loved tourist adventures in Pokhara
Christmas and New Year, and much more festive occasions to observe. We Nepalese even have many holidays than any other nationalities, eventually we got a lot of time to spend during holidays and travel inside and outside the country. If you have not yet visited and stayed in Pokhara for even a single day, consider reading this article to ensure to list a place to visit in your next holiday travel itenary.

Pokhara is the most famous tourist place in Nepal, and is the 2nd largest city, a valley, after Kathmandu, the capital. Pokhara is the city garden of seven lakes. Mountain range and the rising sun can be seen from most of the hotel rooms here. Pokhara is famous for paragliding where annually paragliding championships are held in global scale. Other adventure includes ultralight glider (plane), hiking, trekking (ABC - Annapurna Base Camp Circuitary is one of the world famous trekking route to be conquered from Pokhara). This must be a model green city, one among other such worldwide, greenery and cycling becomes your friend once you visit and stay in Pokhara.

Parahawking is yet another adventurous try you could make while in Pokhara. Every tourist (international ones, since national tourists often visit Pokhara more than once) who comes to Nepal visits Pokhara - so I don't think I should explain more about the beauty of Pokhara now.

Don't forget to try MoMos, chicken pakoras, and Nepali dish - daal bhat tarkari when you are in. There are more than hundreds of reasons why you should visit Pokhara and include it in your next travel plan during your holidays or vacation. Naturally Nepal, once is not enough.

Happy New Year 2012, from Pokhara, Nepal. 

>>>Pokhara - one of the must visit places during your holidays - पोखरा किन घुम्नै पर्ने ठाऊ हो?

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  1. It's pretty obvious why it's a great holiday spot. That view alone is almost enough to make me get my travel bags ready to check it out.


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