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Sunday, August 29, 2010


STEPS involved in processing a student’s APPLICATION & VISA:
1. The agent’s task is to inform the students about the school, the courses, the fees, the terms of entering the school and the terms of payment. So that it could work in a clear and continuous way, we have provided all the required information and brochure for the agent. It is also crucial for the students to know about the country and the Hungarian culture as much as they can. All the clues are given to the agents in advance.
2. If the information provided to the student made them interested in our school and courses they can prove it by filling and signing the application form. Apart from that it’s vital to fill the entrance test in English that is to measure the applicant’s knowledge in English.
3. When all the documents are available, they have to be sent to us via e-mail. In addition the scanned copy of the passport, the certificates and the documents that prove qualification have to be attached to the letter.
4. As soon as we get the documents and they are proven to be original and the English test shows an adequate and sufficient knowledge of English, we will send a Provisional Letter of Acceptance in the name of the student to the Agent. The Provisional Letter of Acceptance will consist of fee details such as: Tution fee + Accomodation fee + Enrolment fee + Living Expenses + Travelling Expenses, as well as course and accommodation details and relevant instructions for successful visa application. Both the Agent and the student must sign the Provisional Letter of Acceptance.
5. The signed Provisional Letter of Acceptance has to be sent back to us as soon as possible.
6. A scanned copy of the bank statement of the student’s own account must be sent to us. The Agent must email the applicant’s financial documents to the school for verification, to make sure the papers are OK. We are going to give a feed back as soon as we find everything all right.
7. The student has to transfer €700 to the account of the school for enrolment and administrative fees. NO AGENTS ARE ALLOWED TO TAKE ANY FUNDS FROM THE STUDENTS AS THE STUDENTS REGISTERED STUDENT STATUS WITH THE INSTITUTION!
8. After getting the signed Provisional Letter of Acceptance and the copy of the bank letter (that proves that the €700 has been transferred) we’ll send the visa application form.
9. Then the student fills in this form, send it back to us via e-mail, we’ll complete the Final Letter of Acceptance and we’ll send it in the name of student to the Agent.
10. The Agent must help the student in getting/making a MEDICAL INSURANCE valid for EU (Schengen Zone) in their home country. The Insurance must cover € 30,000 and be valid for the 1 year.
11. The Agent must now prepare the following documents for the student visa application:
• 2 Passport size PHOTOGRAPHS
• MEDICAL INSURANCE arranged by the AGENT/STUDENT valid for 1 year
• FINANCIAL PAPERS: Minimum €10,000 liquid money in terms of Bank balance, deposits, any other deposits etc. or €6000 + the bank letter about the salary of the student’s parents or student loan (The more, the better!)
• TRAVEL ITINERARY/flight booking (not ticket) confirmed by air transport company
• birth certificate
12. If the student has all the required documents, his/her agent must call the Embassy and ask for an appointment for the student for submitting the application documents and appearing for the visa interview. (Students from BANGLADESH, NEPAL, SRI-LANKA, MALDIVES must apply to the HUNGARIAN EMBASSY in NEW DELHI, INDIA.)
13. The Embassy will give a date and time and the student must be present with all the documents mentioned in step (11) at the time given by the Embassy. The Agent can also be with the student in the Embassy (outside only).
14. The Embassy or Consul will interview the student in an effort to try and judge whether the applicant has genuine intentions for pursuing higher education, weather he/ she has the necessary information about the course, the school, the country or culture.
15. 2 weeks after the interview, the AGENT/STUDENT must call the EMBASSY and speak to the CONSUL asking the outcome of the visa application.
16. The Embassy will guide thereafter; like asking to come along with your passport or for further documents (like any other Embassy). The successful applicant will be issued a 30 day single entry visa to HUNGARY for entering the country.
17. Once knowing the VISA has been approved, the AGENT must immediately make arrangements for preparing the flight for the student and ensure the student boards the plane at the time and date shown on the ticket.
18. All students must bring along their original certificates, mark sheets, transcripts, diplomas and other relevant documents with them.
19. As soon as the student reaches Hungary and enrols at the University, he/ she has to come to school and show the original documents to us and pay the rest of all the necessary fees.
20. The school helps the student get the TEMPORARY RESIDENCE PERMIT in his/her Passport, which will entitle the student to study, reside and work in Hungary. The student can also visit other SCHENGEN countries like: France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy etc. as tourist with the HUNGARIAN permit, but only in vacation periods and with the written permission of the University.
21. Every year, we will help the student to renew his/her residence permit for the next academic year.
22. If the student is absent without leave (is missing from school without permission) for more than 3 days the school reports it to the Migration Authority and start the procedure of cancellation of the student visa!!!


1.    Choose the correct answer.

1.) She said that she ________________ .
A)  left
B)  is leaving
C)  was leaving
D)  has left

2.) Coca-Cola ________________ all over the world.
A)  is sold
B)  is being sold
C)  has been sold
D)  was sold

3.) I ________________ but I don't any more.
A)  smoked
B)  had smoked
C)  have smoked
D)  used to smoke

4.) If I ________________ the King, I'd have servants.
A)  was
B)  were
C)  am
D)  would

5.) If he does more work, he ________________ his exam.
A)  passes
B)  will pass
C)  would pass
D)  passed

6.) The police asked the witness if he ________________ the murderer clearly.
A)  saw
B)  has seen
C)  had seen
D)  would have seen

7.) What are they so proud ________________ ?
A)  in
B)  for
C)  of
D)  by

8.) Males usually wear ________________ in the pool.
A)  swimming dress
B)  bikini
C)  underpants
D)  swimming trunks

9.) As soon as we get to the airport, we ________________ you.
A)  call
B)  would call
C)  will call
D)  might call

10.) Please, let me ________________ what I like.
A)  do
B)  to do
C)  doing
D)  done

2.    Fill in the gaps with one suitable word from the box.

The old woman who lived in a shoe                        

Missing words:
 lesson  were     lived      to            take       in
make     must      else        at            no          

There once was an old woman who  (1) in a shoe. This must have been very cramped and difficult because living  (2)… a shoe is not very comfortable, I expect. One day, she went out and there  (3)… some children playing in the street nearby where she lived. They began shouting  (4)… her. "You silly old woman, why do you live in a shoe?", they shouted, and other things like that. They were very insulting  (5) …the old woman.

I don't know why the old woman had to live in a shoe, but she  (6)…have been very poor, and it was not nice to  (7)… fun of the poor woman because she was so hard up that she had nowhere  (8) …to live. But children can be very cruel sometimes, and this case was (9)… exception. However, on this occasion the old woman didn't just  (10)… their insults meekly, but became very angry and, shouting "I will teach you a  (11)…", she chased them with a cane.

1.  lived

Based on a children's nursery rhyme:

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe
She had so many children she didn't know what to do.
She gave them some broth without any bread,
Then whipped them all soundly
And put them to bed.

3.    Write a short description about yourself in English. (physical appearance, personal particulars, personality features…, 20-25 sentences)
Dear Friend, 

Attached here with this mail contains the information and college details for study in  HUNGARY. Please go through it and collect students as much as you can as we can share commission in a good way. 
Hope to hear from your side soon --
Best Regards

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