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Monday, July 19, 2010


Complete CV of the applicant
Original passport
5 x 5 cm photo of the applicant

Within 1 to ½ month (But now it is for a week at least) JOB OFFER LETTER from Canada arrives

After that candidate has to pay 10,000 NRS (Non – refundable) for the job offer.
Upon the receipt of the job offer the candidate has to pay 800 Canadian Dollar to HRSD (Canada) to prepare the Labour Market Opinion. The amount 800 CAD is refundable, if the visa is rejected by the Canadian High Commission, New Delhi. 

I For LMO the following documents are needed:

Original scanned Passport
5 x 5 sized colour photograph
Contract employment letter from the employer, Canada.

After LMO Comes, the following documents are necessary:

Police certificate
Medical Certificate
Life Insurance Policy, if any
3 pp sized photograph
Original passport
Bank Statement since last six months, if any
Visa application charge 150 Canadian dollar (Non refundable)

After Visa CLIENT has to pay the following fee which should be paid to us.

2,000 CAD for job offer letter
4,000 CAD for arranging other things needed for visa to the Canadian Advocate
500 CAD for consultation by the lawyer
1,500 CAD for Mount Everest Institute
NB: All Consultants should say that the total cost for the visa is 12, 00,000 (Twelve Lakh NRS Net) and there should not be any fluctuation among the amount that we all charge so it becomes convincing and believable to all the prospective clients.
If you have any queries please do let us know, we try our best to satisfy your queries.
For further information please call Mr. Keshab Bastola at 9856023477.
Mt. Everest Institue Chipledhunga-4, Pokhara +97761541405, 531021 Fax: +97761525200