Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Let's go Pokhara-Nepal-Pokhara is the most famous tourist place in Nepal

Let's go Nepal-जाउ है नेपाल घुम्नलाई
Let's go Pokhara-जाउ है पोखरा घुम्नलाई
Pokhara is the most famous tourist place in Nepal, and is the 2nd largest city, a valley, after Kathmandu, the capital. Pokhara is the city.
Adventure Sports in Pokhara Nepal-
One of the must visit places during your Holidays
पोखरा किन घुम्नै पर्ने ठाऊ हो
Bungee Jump,Zipflyer,Paragliding,Rafting,Ultralight, and Canoeing

Zipflyer Pokhara Nepal
Bungee Pokhara Nepal
Paragliding Pokhara Nepal

Rafting Pokhara Nepal

Canoeing Pokhara Nepal

Ultralight Pokhara Nepal

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