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Yamaha SZ153 Motorcycle in Nepal 2011

                Yamaha SZ 153, almost here!

Now, it looks like the launch date is nearing as our friends from Motoroies have managed to spot a Yamaha SZ153 doing rounds somewhere in and around Pune.
The Yamaha SZ153 which shares the engine from the FZ16 might be detuned to make sure that it tops the fuel efficiency charts, and it is this department that Yamaha India has so far struggled. So, with the detuned FZ16′s 153cc four stroke single, the SZ153 might be able to deliver somewhere around 50-55 kmpl in the real world, a figure which will entice Honda Unicorn buyers looking for a dash of style and novelty from the now dated Unicorn.

There is a good news for all Yamaha bike lovers that the
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Yamaha SZ 153
is going to launch by the August 5th in the market. India Yamaha already has displayed this premium segment sleek and sporty looking bike at International Auto Expo Delhi and now its ready to hit Indian roads soon.And Expo Kathmandu its ready to hit Nepal roads soon
Yamaha SZ 150 had became a most popular before the launch because of it's look's which shows a spoty bike and where the bike has a strong 150cc power mill. The innovative bike entering with latest technology features.
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Yamaha SZ 150 looks like as sports bike with its sporty body design, bike colour as a good combination (white and black), stylish head light included needle front cowl which shows in a different style and appearance, small wind-sheet which makes body looks quite, both indicators has fitted on mask, twice black coloured rear view mirror stepped on the handlebars, Yamaha logo and SZ graphics pasted on the bike fuel tank inluded with fuel tank panel, one piece sleek and black coloured sheet makes comfort for the rider, black colored rear grab rail has fitted at rear of the seat, thin read tell lamp comes with new design, front and rear fender also good, Suspension of front and rear are strong, the bike comes with body colored long silencer which is noice less. Five spoke black colored alloy wheel gives it new look and the bike will available with drum and disc break option. The Yamaha SZ 150 is a sibling of FZ-S and compete with other similar bikes in India like Bajaj Discover, Honda CB Unicorn dazzler etc.
Mask and Dashboard
Yamaha SZ 153 has big mask with fiber glass wind sheet as other Yamaha's bikes. Better powered halogen head lamp gives good light and front indicator has fitted at mask. The dashboard blessed with Battery Charge Indicator, ride Control Switch, techometer, speedometer and fuel indicator.
The bike has 4 Stroke, air cooled, DTS-i power mill and displacement of it is 153cc which generates 13 Bhp Power and 12.7 Nm Torque. And engine is colourd in same body colour (Black as Pulsar) So the bike comes in premium segment. Buy guys that this new innovative bikes engine will be give good performance during riding and give good mileage like 55 to 65 kmpl.
Wheels and tyres
Yamaha SZ 153 comes with black coloured five spoke sporty alloy wheels and a ring of white colour in the mid of rim gives them sporty look. Both tyres of the bikes are blessed with tubeless technology. So the wheels of the this sleek bike makes it a comfortable bike during the ride.
Suspension and silencer
Both the suspension comes with telescopic which expected in the Yamaha SZ 153 and colourd with black and black for both front and rear suspension, the bike suspension has designed with more weight loading capacity and makes it strong bike. Black coloured long and big silencer of the bike has blessed with latest technology which makes it smooth and noise less sound which generates less fog during the ride.
Brake, Seat, fender and lamp
Innovative bike is available expected to available front break wiith disc or drum and rear brake would be available with drum respectively, well it produce a more security during the ride. Seat of Yamaha SZ 153 is stylish and comes in lightly curve shape and one piece seat appearance.
Black and white colored with a strong front fender of the bike is quite and gives it sporty bike look. Rear indicator loaded rear fender also good. Sharped and red coloured tail lamp is hide with grab rail and helps in the make it sporty bike.
At least with these features Yamaha SZ 153 will comfortable bike for all riders in this category and will give a good performance.
The Yamaha SZ 153 has become quite popular even before its launch according to every Yamaha SZ 153cc Review. It is basically promoted as a sporty bike with a strong power mill of 153 CC and latest technology features. Please keep reading this Yamaha SZ 153cc Review so as to get an insight about basic features of the bike.

It is a sporty and sleek bike with a good color combination, small wind sheet and a stylish head light that includes a needle front cowl displayed in a different appearance and style. The indicators are fitted on the mask with the black rearview mirror stepped on handlebars. The SZ graphics and Yamaha logo are pasted on the fuel tank that are included with a fuel tank panel and black colored sheet to enhance the comfort of the rider. On the rear seat of black rear grab rail is fitted and the red tail lamp has a new design. The rear and front suspensions along with the rear and front fender are also strong and the silencer is extremely noiseless. It has five spoke black alloy wheels giving it a completely new look and this bike is available with disc and drum break option. You will get an idea from any Yamaha SZ 153cc Review that this bike is similar to other bikes like Honda CB Unicorn dazzler, Bajaj Discover etc.

The mask of Yamaha SZ 153 is quite big with wind sheet made of fiber glass just as the other Yamaha bikes. The dashboard has ride Control Switch, battery charge indicator, fuel indicator, speedometer and tachometer. There is an air cooled, 4 stroke, DTS-I power mill with displacement of 153 CC that generates 12.7 Nm torque and 13 bhp Power. The engine has a color similar to the body and therefore bike comes in the premium segment. This innovative bike engine gives good performance while riding and also good mileage such as 55 kmpl to 65 kmpl as mentioned in every Yamaha SZ 153cc Review.

The wheels are five spoke alloy in Black color with a white color ring in the mid rim. Also, the tyres are tubeless and therefore your rides will be extremely comfortable. The black colored silencer is extremely noiseless and smooth that generates less fog while riding. The fenders rear and front are extremely good along with the brakes as stated in each Yamaha SZ 153cc Review.

You must have understood with this Yamaha SZ 153cc Review that this bike is extremely stylish, comfortable and gives good performance. You may check any other Yamaha SZ 153cc Review to get detailed information on the same.

Yamaha SZ Specifications
153cc, 4-Stroke, Air Cooled Engine
Max Power: 12.1 PS @ 7500 rpm
Max Torque: 12.8 Nm @ 4500 rpm
Electric Start
Five speed Transmission
Front & Rear Alloy Wheels
Front & Rear Drum Brakes
Improves Suspension
Available in 3 Colors (Black, Grey & RED)
Fuel tank capacity: 14 Liter
Wheelbase: 1320mm
Dimensions: 2050×730x1100mm
Difference Between Yamaha SZ-X Vs Yamaha SZ
SZ-X looks little better (totally subjective)
Electric Start in SZ-X, Manual in SZ
SZ-X is little taller
More color options in SZ-X

 In Nepal its Price is NRs. 1,69,900/-  
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